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Regions of Portugal - Silver Coast

This tourist area probably enjoys the longest coastline of all six. Unfortunately, being more central and north of Lisbon the beach tourist season is not as lengthily as that enjoyed further south. The coastline, with very few exceptions consists of long sandy beaches that are openly exposed to the winter ravages of the Atlantic Ocean. There are three towns that do enjoy some protection and endeavour to maintain a fishing industry. These are Aveiro, Figueira da Foz and Nazaré. Inland the situation changes to a tourist's haven with a wide choice of interesting and historic locations to visit.

The Silver Coast (Costa Prata) is beginning to attract more British buyers, particularly in the areas around Óbidos and Nazaré.

The main city of this area is Coimbra, and its strategic midway point on the Lisbon to Porto road has played an important part in its past growth. Nowadays, there exists a direct motorway between these two major cities and combined with the future new international airport this will have a definite effect on the future development of this area.

Nearest Airport - Lisbon (South) and Porto(North).



A stunning beach, typical fishermen houses and steep cliffs over a bright blue sea have made this fishing town become a popular holiday resort, mainly due to its traditional character. Fishermen can still be seen wearing checkered shirts and black trousers, and their wives seven layers of petticoats: you can watch them mending nets or drying fish on the beach. Near Nazaré lies the beautiful beach of São Martinho do Porto which is an enclosed and safe bay, making it a favourite holiday destination, especially for families with children.

Alcobaça beach


The main feature of the town is essentially the Abbey that proudly presents a long and somber façade with 18th Century embellishments. This austerity is further emphasized in the cloisters with its apt name of 'Cloister of Silence'?. In contrast within the Abbey is the massive kitchen with a running stream specially diverted to pass through as a supply of fresh water. The open area of the kitchen chimney is large enough to take a whole ox for roasting. The surround to the sacristy doorway is an outstanding example of Manueline decoration. In 1794, an Englishman named Lord Beckford visited the Abbey and commented that he found some 300 monks 'living in a very splendid manner'

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz

Largest seaside resort in the region which attracts holiday makers and surfers from all over Portugal. Massive beach, casino, entertainment and restaurants. Regularly hosts large events such as the World Beach Football Finals.

Aveiro canal boats


Famous for its lagoon, and once an important fishing port, this town is crisscrossed by canals where colourfully painted moliceiro boats sail. Nearby is the small resort of Costa Nova, with its famous pastel and white striped houses.

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